11D10N ICELAND RING ROAD (Ground Tour)
11D10N ICELAND RING ROAD (Ground Tour)

RM13,998.00 per pax

*Deposit (RM2,000.00/per pax)

11D10N ICELAND RING ROAD (Ground Tour)

Available Period:
2022-09-12 to 2023-09-12

Recommended Places


Geyser is Iceland's most famous geyser, with jet height a maximum height of up to 40 meters. and is the crown of all geysers in Iceland and one of the world's most famous geysers.

Diamond Beach

The beach is formed by black basalt, the crystal clear ice cubes are particularly stands out on the black sandstone. Some ice cubes also have amazing bright blue color.


also known as the Monkey King Cave Waterfall from the Journey to The West story.The reason why it is called the Monkey King Cave Waterfall because visitors can walk behind the waterfall and look out from the inside .

Blue Lagoon

The world's largest open-air hot spring, it is known that originally an artificial lake for geothermal power generation. Because of the abundant minerals and silica (Silica), the milky white water shows a beautiful blue color under the light.


one of the largest in Europe. The waterfall is about 100 meters wide and about 44 meters high. It can drain up to 500 cubic meters ofwater per second. Visitors can walk along the trail to the waterfall and feel the majestic waterfall.


The lake was formed by a volcanic eruption 2,300 years ago. As a result of the eruption of a large number of basalt lava, the formation of a volcanic activity which transform into a lake.


The water source is mainly from glaciers. The emerald blue water flows through the elegant semi-circular cliffs and falls into the river surrounded by the lava stone.


also known as the Straw Hat Mountain Waterfall, represent the shape of the mountain. The clear water flowing down from the iconic waterfall is more beautiful when merge with the backdrop of the green hills.

Highlight Points:

13D10N Iceland Ring Road Aurora Expedition Ground Tour

Explore the whole of Iceland and more comprehensive understanding of Iceland. BP Holiday also arrange unlimited Northern Lights hunting as additional, the journey also covers nearly 80 % of the island sightseeing. Iceland is also clean, safe, and beautiful. Let us together explore this alien land, hunt for the Northern Lights and set foot in pursuing this gorgeous journey!

Highlight Points:

✓Aurora hunting with photo shooting

✓Specialized aurora hunting

✓Aurora hunting is not limited to only one time (subject to weather)

✓Visiting plane wreck by bus

✓Ice cave by jeep (Subject to weather)

✓Winter wonderland forest(depend on season)

✓Volcanic geothermal discovery

✓Westfjord discovery

Travel Information


  • Dec – Mar -10°c ~ 02°c


  • Icelandic Krona or Europe Dollar

Time Zone 

  • Iceland (GMT +0) 8 hours Behind of Malaysia

Travel Adapter

Package Included

  • Hotel Accommodation

Package Excluded

× Blue Lagoon Entrance + Transportation - 120 EUR

× Whale Watching ticket - 100EUR

× Enter Ice cave – 200EUR / If weather permit

× Travel Insurance

× Round Trip Ticket 

Other Attraction

✓ Hallgrimskrja Church

✓ Sun Voyager

✓ Harpa

✓ Geysir

✓ Glacier Cliff Photographing

✓ Black Sand Beach

✓ Volcano Crater with Steam

✓ Sea Seal Searching

✓ Hvitserkur Monster Rock

✓ Gatklettur View Point

✓ Baroar Saga Snafellsass Statue

✓ Hraunfossar/Lava Waterfall

✓ Blue Ice Cave Adventure by Jeep & 30 minutes Hiking

Extra Charges

Single Supplement (+RM2,400.00)

Ground Tour

Princing : RM 13,998 per person

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RM13,998.00 per pax

*Deposit (RM2,000.00/per pax)
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