RM22,998.00 per pax

*Deposit (RM2,000.00/per pax)


Available Period:
2022-08-01 to 2023-12-31

Recommended Places


fairyland like scenery on Earth will make you believe that the beauty of the dream is there, Nature is like an artist, with a brush on the sky, coast and mountains spectrum fairy tale notes, so simple and simple fishing village blooming otherworldly god colour.

Snow Castle (subjected to availability)

One of the largest snow and ice castles in the world, the whole castle is made of ice and snow, only opened in winter, and the designs are presented in different themes and different ways each year.

Icebreaker Ship

you will experience an icebreaker and sail to the center of the sea on a frozen sea. Another highlight is that everyone can wear a floating suit like a lobster. everyone can sit on the sleek chair and enter the ice sea to experience the floating activity of the ice.

Ranua Zoo

The Ranua Zoo is also known as the northernmost zoo in the world. It specializes in the polar and arctic species of the Arctic, where you can visit more than 50 species of polar bears, brown bears, arctic wolves, red foxes and pelicans.

Santa Claus Village

Visit Santa's home and take a photo with him! The Santa Claus Post Office in the village sells a variety of beautiful postcards that you can send to your love one and friends Beside, you can step on the ground in the Arctic Circle, print the footprints and shoot them, and purchase a “certificate” that proves to have crossed the Arctic Circle!

Reindeer Sledging Farm

Experience Reindeer Sledging. You can also put on a cold coat, put on a blanket, and lie on the sled easily. When Santa Claus lets the reindeer pull the sled and run in the snow forest.

Pyha-Luosto Kansallispuisto (by monster train)

This national park is a combination of the first national park in Finland, Pihai National Park and the Lostto area. You will take a specially arranged monster tram from the foot of the mountain to the top of the mountain to see the "land of heaven" beauty.

King Crab Safari

You can drive a snowmobile, experience the process of pulling the net of the king crab from the ice hole. End the snowmobile ride back to the base camp, enjoy the delicious king crab buffet.

Highlight Points

✓ Specialized aurora hunting

✓ Aurora hunting with photo shooting

✓ Aurora hunting is not limited to only one time (subject to weather)

✓ Snow Castle

✓ Icebreaker ship

✓ Santa claus village

Travel Information


  • Dec – Mar -06 °c ~ 05°c


  • Norway Krone / Europe Dollar

Time Zone 

  • Finland (GMT +3) / Norway (GMT+2)

Travel Adapter

Package Included

  • Hotel accommodation
  • Icebreaker cruise ticket
  • Ranua zoo ticket
  • Reindeer sledging ticket
  • Phya-luosto national park monster tram ticket
  • Eat all you can king crab buffet
  • Visiting wild reindeer

Package Excluded

× Round Trip Air Ticket

× Photo with santa claus

× Arctic circle certificate

× Igloo house (300euro for triangle igloo, 400euro for hemisphere igloo)

× Travel insurance

Other Attraction

✓ Vigelan Park

✓ City Hall

✓ Viking Ship Museum

✓ Svolvaer

✓ Henningsvaer

✓ Ramberg

✓ Nusfjord & Hamnoy

✓ Reine

✓ Abisko National Park

✓ Ice Hotel

✓ Kiruna Church

✓ Oslo Free & Easy

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RM22,998.00 per pax

*Deposit (RM2,000.00/per pax)

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